Berjumpa Yeobo..

Date : 4th May 2012
Venue : Singapore Indoor Stadium
Time : 8 pm

dun ask the price. forgot already... ;p

the 2nd time 3rd time meeting him.. since it was like 6 months ago, dah macam tak tau nk stat dari mane..huhu
im sooooo bad at dis kind of thingsss... sigh~

my hero Kim Hyun Joong is coming  to town!!! haha well not my town..kekeke since HJ x trun KL, we Henecia decided to meet him in Singapore. i did meet him LAST year also in SG. bulan puasa ok... n dis year also, bulan puasa.. HJ yah! ure not good at choosing the time at all u know! tapi anything for u... huhuhu

my fave self-taken pic

the best part of this fanmeeting for me is how friendship can happen with strangers, few of them at the same beautiful..

well, x ingat la how all of this things started. tp pas confirm fanmeet (FM) ni akn berlaku, kami berusaha mencari jalan mcm mane nk beli last ive decided to join MY-KHJ community  to buy the tix although i dh janji dgn kak sha whom i met LAST year nak pegi same2..

not knowing anyone from the community, kami interact via FB and forum. lucky for me to meet two ladies from the same city with the same interest which now are my frens.. :) Pae n kak Nini..

we went together, had fun n make friends! with MY-KHJ community, and of course kak Sha SG..
it was indeed a very beautiful experience that  i treasure. jeongmal..

yes!! this is the 2nd time i met him!! nk pengsan ok!!! luv him even more!!
i n nad n pae went to SIS on 3rd may to stalk KHJ 1 day b4 the FM.kekeke we successfully met him and make a very beautiful memory! haaa... lpas tu xtau mcm mane nk blik jb sbb asik slh masuk jln je...rama-rama terbang-terbang dalam perut..hahaha bes giler!

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