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... this is sumthing dat happen way before 'Berjumpa Yeobo' kekeke i went to FT Island concert in KL last Jan..

Date : 14th Jan 2012
Venue : Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur
Time : 8.30 pm

see the price? RM0.00 haha serius! not!! well  actually i convinced nad to go since the tix are not sold out, i confident FT Island xkan wat concert lg kt Msia..huhu ye je... so we looked for the cheapest tix n ofcos dah abis... at the last min, like 1 day before the concert kami cari2 dan terjumpa promotion by DiGi buy 1 free 1 utk tix rockpit. the rest is history...hehehehe

so pg2 14hb kami naik bas dari JB smpi TBS. from there kami nek comuter to KL sentral n met Aboy. he sent us to the stadium. lepas pusing n sesat a few times, kami smpi kt stadium almost 7  pm. we joined the q and be the last person to get in. however, we're so lucky dat the stadium is not full yet. confirm! dorg x dtg lg wat concert.haha

the concert was good. Hongki was good. the band was good. we know n sing a long a few songs. tp very enjoyable..

Choi Jonghun
Lee Hongki
Song Seunghyun
Choi Minhwan
Lee Jaejin
a few pics of the members..ive uploaded a few fancam vids of the songs..

the concert started at about erm... 830 pm i think... n ended at around 11 pm.. Aboy wanted to send us to TBS, so we decided to hang around the stadium n waited for the boys at the back of the stadium wink wink ;)

we couldnt see any of them though..xpela... dh puas td kt 1 thing for sure Primadonna are not as friendly as Henecia.. :)

then we went straight to TBS and took a late night bus ride to JB. so heppi!
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