forever am i suppose to start dis post..
well its like forever since i write sumthin.i guess writing isnt juz my thing.huhu wat a confession.

ive been wanting to sign in to dis account but ive forgot my username n password. :x

now im on the floor with choy (a white little cat that we stole from his mother) lookin at me tapping the keyboard.looks like he wants to join me :) and the tv on with no one watching. (who pay the bills?) im waitin 4 my korean drama and tryin to make myself write again.

im addicted to dis one now.after supernatural and i wish i dun need to do closing.. erk..

hidupmu hidupku

hidupmu hidupku

Bening matamu

Pancarkan kesedihan

Tak pernah terlihat

Selama ini

Senyum pedihmu

Lukiskan air matamu

Perihnya hatimu

Menyentuh batinku


Sungguh mati aku tidak bisa meninggalkan dia

Walaupun kau dekap aku

Ampun aku bila kini yang terkuak hanya pedih

Yang mungkin ‘kan menghantui

Hidupmu hidupku

Detak jantungmu

Tegaskan perih hatimu

Dan perih hatiku

Hidupmu hidupmu hidupku

Back to Reff:

Sungguh mati aku tidak bisa meninggalkan dia

Walaupun kau peluk aku

Ampun aku bila kini yang terkuak hanya pedih

Yang mungkin ‘kan menghantui

Hidupmu hidupku

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sorry no new post for e few days!
ni gamba edited by mahani.. thnx! tpt2 yg kami kunjungi time kt sabah.ill be back wit e details!

trip Besar Punye! part 1

slm to all

nex few posts would be dedicated to my trip to K.K with my old frens. so in this part 1 post of cos la b4 we get there :) this trip was planned by k-rin like one year ago.yeah rite so that we could get cheaper rate of cos! fst forward we all gathered at LCCT around 8pm on 3rd Feb.then the flight was delayed (again) (originally was on 7.25 then 9.25 n final was on 10.55 pm). so what did we do?

1. look for shops that sell Gardenia roti. org sbh kirim bah. di sana teda jual kn? huhu quite a lot i tell u.bnyk la beli tu.. nasib baik ade beg yg kosg lg bole isi sume roti tu. the secret of the day is...dlm beg ni ade bnyk roti Gardenia!

2. then off to the foodcourt. isi perut nti smpi sane all the makan shops closed already.

3. after waited like one hour, we were all ready to fly! Sabah here i come! eii besnye!

there u go! end of part 1. we didnt have any pics at KKIA..hmm too bad.


the las episod of cite ni. tak tercapai akal manusia bile tgk cite ni. yela name pn cite. tp moral of the story that we can relate is ramai org akan wat ape saje utk kepentingan diri sendiri, even it can memudaratkn org lain. sian tasha jd mangse org sekeliling. tp die jugakla heroin dlm cite ni. ;) (quoted mahani)

now its time 4 American Idol!


hari ni hari khamis

hari ni cuti. plan bnyk tp sll yg plan x jd.. mlm ni slot mst tgk -keliwon- huhu jgn tegur lg. las episod.
ok..dh bis maraton na o mei. rhat la jp.. ni ost die. njoy..


na o mei. comel la name me the main attraction of this series is the actors. disebabkn kj xtntu mase tpakse la tgk kt catch up tv. mule2 cm ssh je nk log in. ai..nk log in pn ssh ke?

nway im tryin 2 catch up the series tru the catch up slot! @


salam to alls..
my 1st try to write. im not even a diary writer. but no harm trying rite?
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